How Injurious is rugby?

How Injurious is rugby?

133800-sam-laneThe car sticker joke has always been – ‘Give blood – play rugby!’

WorldCup Rugby or local club rugby the injury stakes are high but should we stop playing? 

The jury is out on exactly how injurious rugby is and certainly it’s hard to pin down how it ranks amongst other sports but sure as ‘eggs is eggs’ play rugby and you will be injured at some stage. The reason for this lack of clarity or ranking may be obvious, who wants their sport to be portrayed as the most dangerous? Unfortunately, accurate recording of serious injuries is poor in most sports, not to mention how many injuries go unreported. Believe it or not there are many deaths per year amongst anglers and little mentioned about it. In fact the most dangerous thing we do daily, without a care, is get into our cars. Perhaps we should be less worried about getting on to a pitch. So as Brian Moore pointed out to Professor Allyson Pollock, author of Tackling Rugby, What Every Parent Should Know About Injuries, the benefits probably outweigh the risks. Team work, learning to win and loose, regular fitness, discipline of rules and authority, challenging and fun! Do not forget the camaraderie of fellow players and team members. Plus the social importance that belonging to something can provide. Also, as said already, how can one sport be deemed to be more dangerous than another if there are no reports of their non serious injuries that go unreported. Ranking the danger of sports is not an exacting science. It seems to be more about your own personal opinion rather than being able to have clear evidence to help sway your decision making. Personally, I’m not going to start BASE jumping and I am looking forward to watching the World Cup Rugby – come on England! (Wales, Scotland or Ireland – delete as appropriate.)


What is certain though is if (when) you do get injured the best treatment is accurate and early diagnosis by a professional. Local clubs have to provide sideline first aid but the majority of teams are financially stretched to provide excellent medical support and rehabilitation advice. That’s where Bridgeham Clinic is in a unique position to care for you rugby players. Training advice and fitness testing, Pilates strengthening, massage for post matches, Osteopathy for acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues and a listening ear from therapists that are or all have been successful in their own sports and disciplines. All under one roof with integration between each therapist we can help you prevent injury and give great care and rehabilitate if (when) you are injured.

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