Personal Training Reigate

Personal Training Reigate

You don’t have to be a celebrity superstar to have your own personal trainer. Many different people, of all ages, can benefit from having their own trainer whether they simply want to improve their general health and fitness levels, are training for a particular sport or are a high level competitor looking to optimise their performance.

What are the benefits?

Personal training offers better results and is far more convenient than a trip to the gym when time is short.
Closely supervised training sessions with a highly qualified trainer will minimise the risk of injury.
It’s a great confidence booster and leads to a far greater level of self-motivation.
Results are constantly monitored and fitness assessments every six to eight weeks show that individual goals and objectives are met.

Basic Requirements

There are some very basic requirements you should insist upon from a trainer:

The possession of a recognised and relevant qualification. Perhaps one of the more basic qualifications is RSA Exercise to Music. This is a fundamental qualification that all establishments should demand for their aerobic instructors.
Personal liability and professional indemnity insurance. The professional personal trainer will have arranged for these items to be included in his business arrangements. He will be happy to discuss his arrangements and how they apply to you.
Good old-fashioned service. This is a service oriented industry and therefore you should receive a high level of satisfactory service.
A Higher Level of Service
A higher level of service would include:

A higher qualification, for example, the Master Diploma that Steve holds.
Extra skills, for example, sports psychology, nutritional expertise, sports injury knowledge, sport coaching skills and experience at a high level of sport.
Advice on gym design and gym equipment. Home gyms are becoming increasingly popular and a thorough knowledge of the latest equipment can be invaluable to good gym design

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