Sports Therapy

Sports Injury Therapy & Sports Massage

Every sports person, be they an Olympic Gold medal winner, or a weekend enthusiast deserves the best treatment using the most up-to-date techniques. We provide this facility at our clinic in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Our role as sports injury therapists is to contribute by treating soft tissue injuries, providing sports massage, educating in preventative techniques and identifying more complicated conditions or injuries and referring these back to the appropriate areas of the medical profession.

Forever Young provides a comprehensive recovery and rehabilitation service. The team of qualified and experienced therapists are able to diagnose and treat sports injuries. Manual therapy techniques employed include Cryotherapy, sports massage, mobilisation, stretching and strengthening techniques. Electrotherapy used is long-wave ‘Phys-Assist’ therapy that is particularly beneficial for soft tissue injuries such as Haematomas, strains and sprains.

Conventional treatment encourages rest and basic self-help exercise, with the principle aim being to return the patient to normal health – not to ‘competitive fitness’. It is our specialist combination of treatment and therapy that ensures your return to ‘prime fitness,’ and this of course, means a significant reduction in injury recurrence.

Below are some of the more common reasons why sports people become injured. Note that nearly all are avoidable if correct advice is taken.

Poor Technique – contributes to many injuries and can lead on to muscular imbalances.
Muscular Imbalances – Imbalances can eventually bring about structural problems. Good training should involve muscle rotation and produce muscle balance.
Incorrect Equipment – Do not scrimp on equipment, particularly safety equipment. Poor foot-ware accounts for many injuries.
Poor Flexibility – Many sports people overlook this area of fitness, it involves stretching. Ignore stretching at your peril. This component of fitness is vital for the reduction of risk of injury.
Incorrect Body Type – “Horses for courses.” Why try to become a prop in a scrum if you are 5′ 2″ and only 60kg. This sort of thing invites injuries.

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