Training Tips

Check that you are employing all or some of these training principles to refresh your own programme.

All training should obey a few simple rules to be effective. ‘Quality’ instead of ‘quantity’ is vital for success and ‘planning and preparation’ should rarely be scrimped upon.

To bring about any physiological change we need to apply the most important training principles:

This is without doubt the most crucial part of training. If we do not manipulate the other components of training principles (see below) the body becomes accustomed to the demands made of it and little or no progress will be made. Working with variations of frequency, intensity and duration we are able to bring about sufficient overload so not to let the “get used to” factor manifest itself.

How often we train is something we find difficult to change. A great number of us are becoming ‘Time Poor.’ However, this is one of the safer principles to change. Frequency must be played in hand with rest, as rest is really what enables the body to recover from the previous training session ready to deal with the next.

To manipulate the intensity of any training programme is something that requires great care. It is all too easy to increase the speed at which we do something or increase the weight we use, however, to do so increases the risk of injury greater than by manipulating any of the other components of training. Power, speed, inclines, resistance all increase intensity. An area that brings about a great deal of controversy is heart rate training. The complexity of this subject ensures that even professionals can get it incorrect. Intensity is perhaps the most complicated of all the components.

How long to train for? It would seem fairly pointless if you were running a marathon only to train for 10 minutes a day. Duration requires special thought when considering what type of activity you do and the amount of rest you get between each event, competition or training session. Most people though have only a short amount of time to spare so training components other than duration might have to be manipulated.

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