Your first 10km fun run.

Your First 10km run

Having a goal to aim for is one of the most valuable ways to maintain or improve your fitness. It gives you the tension and a purpose that most of us require to bother to train regularly and effectively.

If you are new to running a 10 km race is probably an ideal distance to aim for. Most people will be around the hour mark so training for that makes it suitable, not being too time consuming. Here are some suggestions to help you plan:

  1. has a great online calendar of races.
  2. Get a quick check with the GP. If you have never taken exercise it’s not a bad idea to check with the Doc. However, I’ve never heard of a Doc saying not to!
  3. To start with get the right shoes for you. Staff at Simply Sports are trained well in helping you make the right choice.
  4. It’s obvious but start your training off slowly. Then add logical progressions to you programme. There’s a great rule called the 10% rule. This implies that increasing your training by more than 10% per week is not
  5. Ignore your core strength at your peril. These need not be complicated exercise drills, simple things like ‘planks’ and ‘squats’ are great exercises.
  6. It should not hurt, much! Really, you may get a bit of muscle ache but listen to your body well it should not be painful.
  7. Don’t get carried away. When you are at the start of a race you’ll be full of adrenalin, go steady at the beginning. Work your way into the race; work hard in the last 5km not the first 5km.
  8. Remember to hydrate before and after. It may not be necessary to drink during, depending on how hot it is, generally before and after is sufficient.

Steve Young runs Forever Young Fitness ltd. specialists in personal fitness training helping people prepare for the event they have chosen to do. He runs the Simply Sports running club held every Thursday at 0930 hrs leaving from the Reigate shop.

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