“We are all born to be athletes ……. It is just that some of us are in training and some of us are not!”

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About Steve

Ultimately this isn’t about Steve it’s all about you. However, this tells you about Steve’s qualifications and why he’s best positioned help you achieve your goals.

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Personal Training

You don’t have to be a celebrity superstar to have your own personal trainer. Actually Steve tries to ensure you can access professional training advice and support no matter who you are. His client range experience is from 10 years old – 92 years young and from elite athletes to stroke rehabilitation clients. You probably fit in between there somewhere.

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Sports Therapy

As a sports person, fitness warrior or enthusiast the last thing you want to hear is ‘STOP!’ You will very rarely hear that from Forever Young Fitness. You will hear ‘Adapt, modify and concentrate on weaknesses.’ Always we treat the person not the condition.

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